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Come Join GrowPlays portal and its family of over 15,000 members all over the globe. GrowPlays portal has achieved the heights in no time is the best in the market and the cheapest as well. GrowPlays also runs a social media groups for social media marketers and marketing services. Join the GrowPlays panel right now. Your 1$ free Bonus is waiting for you.

Our services

The world’s #1 automated social media services provider, we offer the best prices for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others to both resellers and direct customers.With round the clock support and the highest quality of fans, we make sure that every single order is fulfilled and all of our clients are satisfied!

Our Facebook Service

A platform that oversees a presence of 1.45+ billion users per day, can provide you major business benefits. Buy instant website traffic for Facebook to make sure you're not deprived of the same. Whether it is through fan page likes or post likes, we've the best plans in store for you.

Our Twitter Service

Want your brand to be trending everyday? Be heard by gathering twitter followers, retweets and likes.

Our Instagram Service

Whatever is trending is all over Instagram. Buy Instagram web traffic through Insta followers, likes, story or video views and go trending on a portal with 700+ million monthly users.

Our Soundcloud Service

The mainstream music industry has been buzzing in the form of likes and followers. To make your brand heard, we bring to you SoundCloud likes, followers, reposts and comments.

Our YouTube Service

Struggling with the pressures of video content viewership? We're at your rescue. Buy subscribers on YouTube and online views at irresistible prices to reach new audiences.

Our TikTok Service

This community is increasing faster than you can imagine. Make the most of your TikTok content by securing followers, views, video likes and shares at the most amazing plans and prices. We're sure you will not find any premium plans as good as this.

Our Spotify Service

Be an expert in music promotion by buying Spotify playlist plays and drive away with more followers in no time. It’s no secret that the number of followers you have on Spotify represents your overall image as a brand.

Our Website Traffic Service

Increase Your Website Traffic. Increase your website traffic with our affordable range of targeted traffic services. Whether you're looking for guaranteed visitors or a top search ranking, ineedhits is the quick and easy way to boost your website traffic!

Our happy clients

At GrowPlays, your happiness is guaranteed. If the client is happy then the relationship with us can only get better thus we only care about YOU being HAPPY!


The service is absolutely amazing one of the most important services one can have for they business. I always believed that his services was the best on the planet, hands down an a super fast turnaround. Thanks for all you do!

Adam Smith


I highly recommend his services and am very grateful for this seller. Once the followers are delivered they do stay on the account with minimal drop. Communication is good and delivery is usually prompt and on time.

Julie Kylie


GrowPlays has really changed my life. I use GrowPlays to boost my clients' exposure on Youtube and Soundcloud, GrowPlays has made this job a 1000 times easier for me. I cannot thank them enough, I am spending here less than 1% of my earnings.

Mike Hope

GrowPlays Power

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more to promote yourself or your company. If you are looking for a way to boost your online presence, then your best choice is to use (GrowPlays) where we offer services to help you boost your online presence across ALL social media platforms for the cheapest prices.


Why should you be Interested in our portal?

We feel proud on our portal the GrowPlays that has attained success in the 8 years of marketing. Our dedication, hard work, skills, sincerity, and loyalty towards our customers make us feel the pride in this great achievement. We always strive to provide you better services at a cheaper price than competitors and other sites.

We provide you quick access to responsive portal followers on Instagram, having a low drop rate.

We have a targeted audience, as we are dealing with people for a long time. Our portal works with all social media applications including Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Web, Facebook, Instagram, Traffic, etc. we do provide social media reseller services to give you a reason to show interest in our portal

Paytm & paypal Social Media Website

Unlike our competitors, we have more than 15 modes of payments to choose from. Be it PAYTM or PAYPAL or PAYONEER or WEBMONEY or STRIPE or PERFECT MONEY or BITCOIN or just your usual credit or debit card, we have have covered it all. We have all the major payment platforms in the world, and we always keep adding more.

We also provide 24*7 customer support through various mediums such as Skype, live chat etc. We also have options for refunding or canceling orders, if any issue arises. Thus, we promise that your money will always be in the safest hands.


Fully Automated Reseller API portal

We have a fully functional API based Reseller portal. Be it Facebook or Yotube or Instagram, all our services can be ordered through a fully functional JSON based API. For all the resellers, this is an amazing feature. Not, only we have an API based portal, we have an API based Android App as well. This way, you can place the orders in just a few clicks. Last, but not the least, our Social Media Website is global. If you are looking for Indian Social Media Website, then this is the place for you, if you are looking for likes from Brazil, then also you can use our portal. We are the only complete portal, offering customizations based on different countries, gender etc. You won't find such customisations in other websites.